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CAMS Strategic Plan

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Our Vision

More people enjoying more motor sport.

Our Mission

  • To create an environment in which CAMS and its members, clubs and other stakeholders can flourish in developing and expanding motor sport in Australia.
  • To encourage, facilitate and support participation in accessible, sustainable and safer motor sport.

To ensure fair, consistent and professional standards

Our Role

As a regulator of motor sport in Australia, CAMS:

  • As the delegated FIA authority, administers rules and regulations needed to support competition and safety at events.
  • Licences venues, participants and officials for events and competition.
  • Provides training and promotes principles that ensure safety, fairness and social responsibility in the conduct of motor sport in Australia.

As a developer of motor sport in Australia, CAMS will:

  • Deliver leadership, innovation, customer focused and responsive services that lead to increased participation, interest and high performance.
  • Implement proactive sport, club, community and member development programs for our members that helps them experience motor sport.
  • Focus on increasing equity and diversity within the sport and organisation through the delivery of proactive inclusion and integration programs.
  • Nurture an organisational culture and ethos that promotes volunteerism and CAMS as an organisation of choice.
  • Proactively engage and encourage motoring enthusiasts using appropriate affiliation packages, programs and initiatives.

As an advocate for motor sport in Australia, CAMS will:

  • Provide an operating environment that engages with and responds to the needs of our members, customers, stakeholders and communities.
  • Foster and develop strategic partnerships locally, nationally and internationally that contribute to an integrated approach to achieving the objectives of CAMS and our partners.
  • Advocate on behalf of members and stakeholders to the Government in relation to policies and programs that can benefit the sport, economy, community and environment.


To view a copy of the CAMS Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016, please click HERE