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Becoming a motor sport official is the best way of getting close to the action without being in the drivers seat. Volunteer officials are a vital part of motor sport and without them the sport could not function. Officials ensure that events are conducted safely, fairly and that the rules and regulations are upheld. Every motor sport event requires a number of officials with various skills to perform a wide range of tasks. Events such as the Australian F1 Grand Prix and Rally Australia need over 1,000 officials, whereas a club-level motorkhana or hillclimb need only a few.

Most people know what a Flag Marshal does, but do you know what Scrutineers, Stewards, Event Secretaries, Grid Marshals and Recovery officials do? These are just some of the interesting roles that officials fulfil at motor sport events and that you could become involved in.

The CAMS’ National Officiating Program facilitates the training and accreditation of over 10,000 volunteer motor sport officials. New officials start off with a CAMS Trainee Licence, and are teamed with experienced officials and learn how to do most things on the job. As officials gain more experience and begin to take on more responsibilities, they will be given the opportunity to upgrade their licence and branch out into other areas of officiating. CAMS also runs various training courses for the different categories of officials.

Who can officiate?

Anyone with a general interest in motor sport can become a volunteer official. Minimum age restrictions apply for some roles and activities and there are also supervision requirements for the different grades of officials. To learn more about the CAMS National Officiating Program click here.

See what’s out there

Attending different types of motor sport events will help you work out which discipline of the sport you would like to become involved in. Motor sport events are run on almost every weekend of the year in each state, ranging from grass roots events like club-level hillclimbs and motorkhanas, to international events like Rally Australia and the Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix. The information below may help you decide where you would like to get started.

Click on the links below or to the left to learn more about the CAMS National Officiating Program and how to become a CAMS Accredited Official.

For a pamphlet CLICK HERE.


National Officiating Program

Find out about the National Officiating Program, established for the grading, licensing, training and recognition of motor sport officials

Training Courses

CAMS offers extensive training for volunteer motor sport officials. Go here to find out what training you can complete.

Officials Resource Centre

Tools and information for CAMS Accredited Officials, including the Licencing & Accreditation Handbook