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Motorkhana is a fabulous low cost form of motor sport, often providing someone with their first taste of motor sport in their standard road car, but also catering to the most skilled and experienced of drivers in highly modified or purpose built Motorkhana specials.

The competition is designed to test the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of a vehicle and the skill and judgement of the crew members. A motorkhana may be conducted on a sealed or an unsealed surface and involves manoeuvring through tight and twisty tests marked by flags.  Participants require a Level 2NS Licence and can take part from the time they turn 12 years of age.

CAMS sanctions more motorkhanas each year than any other type of event, and they represent a fantastic means to get involved.

Link to 2013 Motorkhana Test Booklet 

Link to National Motorkhana Code

Link to Group 4H - Motorkhana Cars

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