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Observed Section

Observed Section Trials were introduced to Australia from England in 1950 by the late John Pryce and have since been conducted regularly by the Austin 7 Club Inc. Trials cars are built to a specific formula.

Observed Section Trials involve the cars traversing marked sections (the number depending only on the time available) of muddy or slippery surfaces or tortuous, steep, or otherwise difficult terrain. The purpose of each Competitor is to traverse the whole of each section non-stop from a standing start, without departing from the marked course or hitting any of the markers en route.

Sections, which may vary in length from 25m to 100m or more, are each divided into 10 parts, each marked by opposite pairs of pegs or markers.

Observed Section trials are not only great fun for the driver, but also the passenger who fulfils the enjoyable role of aiding traction to the vehicle as it progresses through the sections.

Drivers require a Level 2NS Licence and can take part from the time they turn 16 years of age. Passengers must be at least 14 years of age.  

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