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Australian Off Road Championship


The Australian Off Road Commission and CAMS is seeking any expressions of interest from organisers for inclusion into the Autralian Off Road Championship calendar for 2017 and 2018.  If you are interested in seeking more information, please forward your contact details to no later than 18th July and the Commission will follow up.


AORC events are defined as ‘long course’ events that are conducted on a track of no less than 15 kilometres in length. The courses and tracks used for the AORC are often narrow, twisting, tree lined tracks, undulating farmland tracks, mountain tracks and river crossings, sometimes incorporating man made jumps and other obstacles.

Off Roading is an exciting and adrenalin filled discipline of motor sport and is growing in stature with an increasing number of competitors looking to take up the challenge.

The 2016 Australian Off Road Championship:
• Round 1: Mildura, 8 – 10 April, 2016
• Round 2: Finke Desert Race, 9 – 13 June, 2016
• Round 3: Waikerie, 22 – 24 July, 2016 

Competitors attend these rounds from every state with most events incorporating a round of their State Championship which attracts local competitors, sponsors and spectators.

Off Road cars are some of the most impressively engineered in Australian motor sport and most incorporate complex, long travel suspension systems and powerful engines to enable them to negotiate the rugged, dusty and sometimes muddy terrain they encounter as fast as possible.

There are a number of different classes of competition with vehicles ranging from purpose built buggies with engines up to 6000cc to modified 4WD vehicles. Except for the single seater’s all vehicles consist of a driver/navigator team. The endurance aspect of the racing makes each course a test of driver skill and mechanical preparation. Each of these forms a championship in its own right.

For further information visit:

Australian Off Road Championship Official Website:
Off Road Racing Website


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