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Off Road is not just for professional drivers at a national or international level, it is also a fantastic way to get involved in motor sport as a driver, co-driver or official.

Off Road provides everything from introductory events for beginners, right up to state level competitions for the more seasoned off road veterens.

It offers options for those who want to keep their involvement in off road racing at a more modest level, but still enjoy the benefits of safe, organised, gravel based events.

Motoring Clubs in each state run successful, high quality events and are always encouraging new competitors and officials to become involved in the sport.

CLICK HERE to find a club near you.

Grass roots off road racing provides a great atmosphere and a sense of community where you can meet new friends who share a love of flat out, gravel based motor sport.

You can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and get amongst nature for the weekend, even if it is still a bit noisy!