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Australian GT Championship

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Australian GT's aim is to provide an arena and atmosphere that gives all competitors a high level of competitive satisfaction and personal enjoyment that promotes a desire to participate and attracts new competitors. Camaraderie both on and off the track is a renown characteristic of Australian GT and a major part of the appeal of the category.

This new division system means 3 titles are up for grabs with drivers battling for top honours in GT Championship: GT Challenge and GT Production. Australian GT is the premier sportscar category in Australia and not only does it play host to the world’s most exotic marques, they can be found racing door to door on the countries best and undoubtedly some of the world’s greatest circuits.

There are 4 divisions (Classes) within the Australian GT Championship. Each division has their own branding, round trophies and outright trophies.

  • GT Championship is for FIA GT3 specification vehicles.
  • GT Trophy has been included for older specification FIA GT3 vehicles
  • GT Challenge caters for cars that no longer fit within the GT Championship and Challenge division's
  • GT Sports is a new class aiming to accommodate GT4 specification cars.

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