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Formula Vee

Formula Vee is the ultimate in an affordable and competitive open wheel racing car.

Formula Vee started life in the early '60s in the US with the objective to produce a low-cost racing car that emphasises driver skill and race craft, by using inexpensive and readily available unmodified VW engine, gearbox, suspension, steering, and brakes. Within a few years, the Formula Vee concept spread to become the most popular open wheel racing car class in many countries across the world.

Formula Vees race on all circuits across Australia, with sometimes 40 cars on the circuit. Formula Vee racing is characterised by nose to tail and wheel to wheel racing, with slip-streaming at near 200 kph, with frequent lead changes and close finishes.

The chassis are simple and easy to repair with costs minimal. Despite the often intense wheel-to-wheel racing there have been few accidents. Formula Vee has an excellent safety record with only very few serious injuries. Due to the structural integrity of the cars drivers generally walk away unharmed from appealing and ageless form of motor racing. Drivers from 14 to 65 compete in evenly matched cars that emphasise driver skill.

This combination of contemporary design, low cost, and technical simplicity, with close and fast racing by large fields, and a professional organisation structure, has gone on to make Formula Vee the largest racing class in Australia, and will ensure that Formula Vees will be seen on race tracks across Australia for many years to come.

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