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Sports Sedan

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Sports sedans are the most modified full bodied cars in Australian motor sport. Typically they commence build using a steel tube 'space frame' chassis, add mechanical components, steel of composite body panels which can resemble the family sedan or transfor a sports saloon into something more exotic with the addition of wheel arch flares to accomodate the wide slick rubber, and front and rear spoilers to generate downforce.

The most successful cars in recent years have sourced power from a 700+ horsepower 6000cc V8 engines and transmit that power through a 5 or 6 speed transaxle rear end. The result is the fastest cars with a roof, and in many instances these cars are knocking on the door of recording fastest outright track laps at circuits nationwide.

Alternatively a number of competitors have purchased or built American style Trans-am race cars that are eligible under the present rules and able to compete competitively with the Aussie built sports sedans.

A national series is run as well as state based championships so there is no shortage of events to compete at.

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