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Social Events & Touring Assembly

Social Events
Social events are a key part of why clubs exist and include; club meetings, working bees and social gatherings through to club runs, show and shines and many other key social activities of clubs. CAMS Public Liability generally covers these events as part of your affiliation fees, for a complete listing refer to the CAMS OAMPS Insurance Handbook.

Social events are generally categorised in one of the following areas:
- Static Vehicle Displays
- Social Runs conducted under State road rules on public roads (such as lunch runs, breakfast runs or observation runs)
- Car Club monthly meetings (Non-vehicle)

Touring Assembly
Touring Assembly are defined by the National Competition Rules.

The Australian Sport & Club Development Commission has produced the following guidelines for clubs intending to run touring assemblies:

A competition which commences with the assembling of participants at a point settled beforehand. In a Touring Assembly a specified route may have to be followed, and each participant may have to report at specified points.

A Touring Assembly is conducted on open roads and competitors must comply with all relevant road laws.

A Touring Assembly may include Special tests, such as:

  • Manoeuvering tests including Motorkhanas
  • Observation tests
  • Economy tests
  • Navigation.

The above special tests are non-speed skill tests, for which at least the driver of the vehicle must hold a CAMS L2NS licence.

Timed road sections are not permitted in the competition; in such cases the event is either a Rally or Touring Road Event.

No intermediate limits of speed between start and final assembly may be laid down when travelling on open roads.

Route instructions should not be issued requiring different crews to proceed over the same route simultaneously in opposing directions unless specifically noted.

Sample Supplementary Regulations based on Definitions and relevant sections of the National Rally Code are available which should act as a guide for Clubs wishing to conduct a Touring Assembly event while comprehensive regulations for Touring Assemblies are developed.

Organisers are encouraged to contact the relevant CAMS state office to obtain published guidelines for road event organisers.

Permit fees will be as prescribed in Appendix R to the NCR.