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Sprints and Supersprints

Sprints and Super Sprints are mostly conducted at the recognised motor racing circuits around the country. Individual or small numbers of cars are released at regular intervals onto the track and generally complete several laps at a time racing against the clock, and not the other drivers out there at the time. Whilst sprints are not actually races, they give participants a great feel for what it is like to drive at high speed competitively around a race track and provide a fabulous test for car and driver alike. The recently organised Australian Super Sprint Championship will provide an annual opportunity for keen sprinters to hold aloft the ultimate prize.

Cars range from standard road cars to highly modified race cars, and participants are sent out onto the track with other compatible vehicles that lap at similar speeds.

Drivers must be at least 14 years of age to participate in sprints and super sprints and hold a level 2 Speed licence.

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