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FIA Official of the Year

Official Of The YearFIA Official of the Year

Launched in 2011, the FIA have created a series of prestigious awards in recognition of exceptional performances by volunteers and officials in International motor sport.  The seven award categories will be issued to the most outstanding motor sport officials in the world and we want to put our Australian officials and volunteers on the world map.

Award Criteria & Eligibility for the 7 award categories are:

Outstanding Official of the Year

This award will be presented to an official who, during the season, has carried out an exceptional or brave action, or has been responsible for a singular performance, in any kind of motorsport event, whether national or international.

The recipient will be presented with the award during the prestigious and glamorous Annual FIA Prize Giving Ceremony during December of each year.

Best (…) of the Season

Six awards will be made in this category

  • 1 x award to a Senior official (such as Steward, Clerk of Course etc)
  • 1 x award to a Scrutineer
  • 2 x awards to Marshals
  • 2 x awards to other officials (such as Secretary of the Meeting, Fire Marshals, Time Keepers, etc)

These awards will be presented to officials who, during the season, have been outstanding in the performance of their specific duties, acting in events included in the FIA Sporting Calendar, whether or not counting towards the FIA championships or FIA international series. Each of these prizes will be awarded during the Prize Giving Ceremony of the ASN of the winning official.

The Awards Committee, composed of members of the FIA Volunteers and Officials Commission, will decide the winners of each of the awards. All nominees will receive an FIA Certificate of Nomination.

Each ASN has the right to nominate one candidate for the prize for the 'Outstanding Official of the Year' and one candidate for any or all of the six awards for the 'Best (…) of the Season'.

The CAMS Honours and Awards Committee has now launched a new 'FIA Outstanding Official of the Year' nomination form and encourages all CAMS members to help us find a worthy nominee in each of the seven categories.

CAMS nominations for the 'FIA Outstanding Official of the Year' close 30 September 2014 and can be submitted in writing.



2015 Best Marshal of the Season Belinda Taylor
2014 Best Senior Official of the Season

Adrian Stafford

2013 Best Scrutineer of the Season

Ewan Cole

2013 Best Doctor of the Season Dr Rik Hagen
2012 Best Senior Official of the Season Steve Chopping
2011 Outstanding Senior Official of the Season Dr Michelle Gatton