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Life Membership

LifememberhonourCAMS Life Membership - Instituted 1982


Life Membership is awarded for long-term distinguished service to motor sport.


A nominee must have given long-term and distinguished service to Australian motor sport by the application of extraordinary expertise, dedication and positive influence.


1. Life Membership will not be awarded to a serving Director of CAMS.

Year Name
2015 Mr Ross Tapper
2015 Mr Adrian Stafford
2015 Mr Steve Ashton
2014 Mr Fred Gibson
2014 Mr John Paterson
2014 Mr Bob Watson
2013 Mr Nick Ledingham
2012 Mr John Furlonger
2012 Mr Larry Perkins
2011 Mr Tom Snooks
2011 Mr Steven Chopping
2011 Mr Bruce Keys
2011 Mr Ross Dunkerton
2010 Mr Colin Bond
2010 Mr Dick Johnson
2009 Dr David Vissenga
2009 Mr Peter Marcovich
2009 Mr Fred Berge
2008 Mr Tony Perich
2008 Mrs Ann Thomson
2008 Mr Wayne Cattach
2006 Mr Ian Curwen-Walker
2006 Mr Brian Dunstan
2004 Dr Michael Henderson
2004 Mr Damon Beck
2002 Mr Clement Smith
2002 Mr John Crouch
2002 Mr Arthur Hayes
2002 Mr Peter Nelson
2002 Dr Geoff Wigley
1999 Mr Paddy Baker
1995 Prof Rod Troutbeck
1994 Mr Brian Shead
1986 Mrs Mary Packard
1986 Mr Ronald Parkes
1985 Mr Charles Weir
1985 Mr Robert Orr
1982 Mr Fred Pearse