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Phil Irving Award

AwardsphilirvingPhil Irving Award - Instituted 1994


In honour of the remarkable achievements of the late Phil Irving OBE, an outstanding Australian engineer whose efforts impacted motor sport on the world stage, the Phil Irving Award recognises outstanding skill and achievement by an individual Australian engineer or Australian engineering company devoted to serving and positively contributing to competitive motor sport.


The nomination must demonstrate the outstanding contribution of the candidate to engineering excellence in motor sport at the Australian or International level.

  1. Individuals, groups of individuals or companies are eligible for nomination.
Year Name
2017 Mr Stephen Sims
2016 Mr Bill Buckle OAM
2015 Mr David Mawer
2014 Late Ivan Tighe
2013 Mr Chris Dyer
2013 Mr Ron Harrop
2012 PWR Performance Products
2011 Mr Richard Bendell
2010 Mr Michael Borland
2009 Mr Ian Richards
2007 Mr Neal Bates
2003 Mr Ron Tauranac AO
1994 Mr Peter Holinger