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State Official of the Year

CAMS State Official of the Year


The State Motor Sport Official of the Year award recognises outstanding achievement as a motor sport official at CAMS authorised events, or within a CAMS affiliated club or activity, usually at State or grassroots level.


A nominee for the State Motor Sport Official of the Year award must be a member who has demonstrated dedication to their role, skill and knowledge in their chosen field, positive attitude, and peer recognition.  

  1. State Motor Sport Official of the Year Awards will ordinarily be made to those who give their time voluntarily and serve the sport in an honorary capacity.
  2.  This requirement does not exclude those who are employed in motor sport and serve it in a different capacity as a volunteer; nor does it exclude persons who receive a nominal honorarium or who are in receipt of out of pocket expenses.
  3.  The State Motor Sport Official of the Year Award will not be made to a serving Director of CAMS.
  4. The award need not be the result of activity in the year of nomination.
  5. This award is open to all CAMS authorised motor sport disciplines, licence categories and grades.
New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory
Year Name
2015 Mrs Elaine Nikiforoff
2014 Mr Michael Basquil
2013 Mr Douglas Rae
2012 Mr Ernie Boston
2011 Mr Robert Hockley
2010 Ms Kathryn Hanrahan
2009 Mr Darren Green
2008 Mr Norm Crompton
2007 Mr Lance Smith
2006 Mr David Healy
2005 Mrs Judith Rae
2004 Mrs Marion Baxter
2003 Mr Ronald Dean
2002 Mr Ian Bigg
2001 Mr Jim Gardiner
2000 Mr Gwyn Mulholland
1999 Mr Alan Laid
1998 Mr Neville Beyer
1997 Mr Philip Cutajar
1996 Ms Peggy Nelson
1995 Mr Edward Anderson
1995 Mr George Chrobak
1994 Mr Allen Betts
Year Name
2015 Mr Paul Howlett
2014 Mr Greg Sewell
2013 Mr Geoffrey Nicol
2012 Mr John Preston
2011 Mr Keith Butcher
2010 Mr Barry Neuendorff
2009 Mr Warren Skimmings
2008 Mr John Courtenay
2007 Mr Martin Smith
2006 Mr John Hammond
2005 Ms Patricia Murray
2004 Mrs Berenice Stratton
2003 Mr Christopher Birbeck
2003 Mrs Jeanette Birbeck
2002 Mr Keith Mackay
2002 Mrs Margaret Mackay
2001 Mr Phillip Miller
2000 Mr Paul Overell
1999 Mr Fred Berge
1998 Mr Michael Arthur
1997 Mr Bruce Muhling
1996 Mr Bob Wilkinson
South Australia/Northern Territory
Year Name
2015 Mr Marc Tillet
2014 Mr Tony Aloi
2013 Mr Andrew Admiraal
2012 Ms Felicity Wood
2011 Mr Michael Clements
2010 Mr David Stimson
2009 Ms Denise Strawbridge
2008 Mr Darryl Power
2007 Mr Fred Severin
2006 Mr Lionel Stingers
2005 Mr Michael Clements
2004 Mr Steve Lisk
2003 Mr Wayne Lamont
2002 Mr Scott Thompson
2001 Mr William Yan
2000 Mr Christopher Hepden
1999 Mr Tony Morgan
1998 Mr Lawrie Schmitt
1997 Mr Rob Mead
1996 Mr Peter Hall
1995 Mr Leyland George
Year Name
2015 Mr Mark Young
2014 Mr Greg Turner
2013 Mr Phillip Westbrook
2012 No Award Issued
2011 Mr Paul Darko
2010 Ms Kate Lucas
2009 Mr Keith Armitage
2008 Mr Kevin Burt
2007 Mr Peter Shaw
2006 Mr Allen Hutton
2005 Mr Andrew Lamont
2004 Mr Terry Bracken
2003 Mr Michael Aston-Luscombe
2002 Ms Jennifer Beard
2001 Mr Leon Glover
2000 Mr Terry Atkinson
1999 Mr Norrie Hayes
1998 Mr Edwin O’Sullivan
Year Name
2015 Mr Peter Castledine
2014  Mr David Bellenger
2013 Mr Terry O'Callaghan
2012 Mr Mark Bateman
2011 Mr Andy Groube
2010 Mr Bob Anderson
2009 Mr Keith McKay
2008 Ms Sue Jochheim
2007 Mr Gary Birt
2006 Mr William Bennett
2005 Mr John Bryant
2004 Mrs Jean Bellenger
2003 Ms Marilyn Emmins
2002 Mr Simon Maas
2001 Mr Ken Johnston
2000 Mr Roger Chirnside
1999 Mr Stuart Lister
1998 Mr Graeme Palmer
1997 Mr Colin Hardinge
Western Australia
Year Name
2015 Mr Ross Tapper
2014 Jan Jenzen
2013 Mr David Elliott
2012 Mr Colin Arkell
2011 Ms Leanne Doust
2010 Mr Edward Curr
2009 Mr John Thorburn
2008 Mr Ernest (Ernie) Hastie
2007 Mr Andrew Percival
2006 Ms Tess Taylor
2005 Ms Robyn Larkin
2004 Mrs Joan Percival
2003 Mr Rodney Pearson
2002 Ms Patricia Cosh
2001 Ms Susan Elliot
2000 Mr David Walker
1999 Mr Ross McGuigan
1998 Mr Ross McGuigan
1997 Mr John Hurney
1996 Mr David Farthing
1995 Mr Paddy McNamara