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CAMS Strategic Plan

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In 2017 - 2019, CAMS will advance and grow motor sport for Australian participants at all levels as the trusted custodian, developer and facilitator of sustainable, safe and fair sport. 

Deliver Sustainable Financial Growth

  • Redefine driver development programs and Foundation Strategy to ensure sustainability and growth
  • Improvement in fiscal management of operational activities, contract management, reporting and oversight
  • Ensure viability and profitability of CAMS National Racing Championships
  • Grow core revenue streams: events, membership, training, consultancy, sponsorship and international events 

Improve Brand and Reputation

  • Make CAMS easier to deal with through continued improvement in membership services
  • Increase trust from members and motor sport community through transparent, engaging and proactive communication 
  • Build communications, marketing and digital capacity to improve content and promotional support across all activities
  • Improve reputation of CAMS entities and stakeholder relationships, including media, industry, government, FIA, circuits, delegates 

Grow Participation and Membership

  • Increase service to clubs to provide opportunities for growth, including simple affiliation packages and processes 
  • Provide clear advice and assistance to new and existing venues with respect to safety, development and risk management 
  • Make it easier for people to compete and officiate through improved licence / permit structures and processes 
  • Grow participation through deeper engagement with competitors and sound management of championships 

Align Strategy, Culture and Performance

  • Embed high performance culture with professionalisation of administration and alignment / engagement of staff and volunteers 
  • Continually improve performance standards and accountability of CAMS Officials 
  • Consolidate entities to build capacity in functional teams and achieve operational efficiencies 
  • Implement review / assessment processes to improve governance and performance of Board, Commissions, Councils and Panels