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CAMS Road Safety message

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CAMS Road Safety Message

CAMS acknowledges the serious road safety issues confronting young drivers and knows that young people perceive that a licence to drive increases their freedom, independence and sensation seeking. Unfortunately, youthful exuberance often manifests itself in inappropriate vehicle use and combined with inexperience, a lack of knowledge and skills as well as peer pressure; it frequently ends in tragedy on our roads.

Road trauma involving young people often includes those who are not yet licensed or ready to drive as well as learners and newly licensed drivers. Poor decisions and a sense of invincibility lead to risk taking in vehicles both as passengers and drivers. The problem is magnified in rural communities because young road trauma victims are known personally by community members.

CAMS recognise the opportunity to contribute to community road safety especially targeting youth. Motoring events including motor sport activities provide an opportunity to focus young peoples’ interest in vehicles and driving through properly organised and sanctioned activities where the primary objectives are safety, safe decision making and driving excellence.

It is with this purpose and intention that CAMS has developed CAMS Ignition.