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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport is pleased to announce the CAMS Ignition program will be expanding internationally in 2013.

In a joint initiative between CAMS and the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA), and made possible under the FIA’s Action for Road Safety campaign, CAMS Ignition will be presented at the Korean International Circuit, home of the Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix in June, 2013.

While happy with the announcement CAMS believes it draws further attention to the fact Ignition fails to gain backing in its country of origin as State and Federal Governments continue to baulk at backing the Australian made road safety initiative, with Ignition virtually overlooked.

Backed by the FIA, the world governing body of motor sport and motoring, CAMS Ignition is aimed at educating pre licensed teenagers on attitudes and behaviours, awareness and hazard perception towards road use.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos is proud that Ignition has gained more International exposure and will feature on the world stage, but finds it hard to believe that CAMS will be educating Koreans on road safety while we are lacking government support for our CAMS Ignition Program.

Mr. Papadopoulos said "CAMS continues to promote Ignition, one of the most unique and promising road safety initiatives, in order to change our approach to road safety in Australia, but here we are with little or no support from Governments in Australia but we are welcome abroad to educate overseas children."

In the last few days Ignition has hit news headlines in Australia with its focus that school children as young as twelve to eighteen years of age partake in the program by way of theoretical and practical guidance by experts in a controlled environment.

Mr Papadopoulos said this interest has been welcomed, but like the issue of road trauma, it's just not enough and more needs to be done.

"It's great that CAMS continues to showcase its expertise as we are currently a world leader in providing motor sport Officials training at various countries across the globe, but would love to have the support and confidence from authorities within Australia to at least trial Ignition here." Mr Papadopoulos said.

As an FIA Institute Regional Training Provider (RTP), CAMS has successfully trained and provided mentoring to Korean Marshalls as part of its International Officials Training and today’s announcement further enhances the relationship between the two National Sporting Authorities (ASN).

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CAMS CEO, Eugene Arroca was a guest on 3AW's Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and John Burns this morning talking about the need for life long learning on our roads.

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A feature on 7 News featuring Eugene Arroca calling on more to be done to address road safety.

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And also on 9 News.

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Speaking openly about the serious issue facing our community, Eugene and his sons were also in the Herald Sun today.

Please follow the link Let pre-teens drive, motorsport chief says

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Felipe Massa endorses CAMS Ignition at the Australian Grand Prix!

CAMS Ignition had a successful four days at this year’s 2013 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix from March 14th- 17th, attracting approximately 150 teenagers along with their parents and teachers from around Australia. As part of the workshops students participated in class room sessions as well as vision hazard focussed driving. Ignition also had strong support from some special guests who attended the Ignition workshops to see the program in action. FIA President Jean Todt was present at the Grand Prix and showed his support by visiting CAMS Ignition. CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos hoped that his visit would draw more attention to road safety. Additional support came from Ferrari Formula 1® Driver Felipe Massa, who made a guest appearance and spoke about the importance of having educated drivers on our roads. Massa has been an ongoing supporter of CAMS Ignition; “It’s very important for young people to know what to do to drive a car... you’re not just driving for you, you’re driving for everybody”. One of the teachers who attended the program, Jason Taggart from Camberwell high School, was very immpressed with the program. “I wish as a learner driver that I had this information made available to me. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took a lot of valuable information away from what was an invaluable educational experience” said Taggart. CAMS and Ignition are supported by the FIA’s Action for Road Safety Campaign. Ignition is an initiative which is designed to teach pre-license 12- 18 year olds safe and responsible attitudes and behaviours towards driving and road use. As the regulatory body for motor sport in Australia, CAMS is not obligated to be involved with road safety, but chooses to be as part of its dedication to creating a safer society. CAMS Chief executive eugene Arocca stated; “We were particularly pleased with the response from all those who attended, both as participants and observers...we were honoured to have John Todt attend the event, and he was obviously impressed by the initiative”. CAMS recognises the opportunity to contribute to community road safety, especially targeting youth, and will continue to do so through CAMS Ignition.

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  One of Australia's Fastest Teenagers Advocates CAMS Ignition

One of Australia’s fastest teenagers, Jack Le Brocq, has thrown his support behind a unique safety program that aims to reduce Australia’s road toll, especially amongst young adult males. The most recent Australian road statistics heighten the need to teach young Australians responsible road behaviours; 75% of drivers in fatality crashes are males and 32% were aged less than 25 years.

Even though the 2012 CAMS Rising Star Program participant drives his Formula Ford in excess of 250 km/hour on the race track, as a P Plater, 19 year old Jack Le Brocq must abide by the rules of the road. “Ever since I first started racing as a 7 year old go-karter, safety has been my number one priority,” commented Jack Le Brocq. “I've been very fortunate to have the very best people in the business advising me to make sure when I am driving, I do so responsibly, whether that be on or off the track. It saddens me to hear so many kids my age are being killed or having their lives ruined because of silly driving mistakes.

“I’m 19 years old; I know kids my age hate being talked down to by adults. If it takes someone of a similar age for these guys and girls to wake up to themselves, then it’s a worthwhile cause. Stop driving like an idiot, don’t text and drive and never drive if you’ve been drinking. Remember, if you do have an accident, it’s not only your life you're playing with. It’s the pedestrian you hit, the person trapped in the other car and all the people that you love who will be affected forever.
CAMS Ignition and Jack Le Brocq visited St. Ignatius College students on Monday 2nd of July 2012.


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CAMS Ignition in Tasmania


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In the lead up to the 2012 Targa Tasmania a CAMS Ignition Highlight Package was presented to young Tasmanians at Prospect Hill High School in Launceston.

Eight lucky CAMS Ignition participants got behind the wheel for the first time under the supervision of four time Australian Rally Champions and eventual Targa Tasmania Showroom Class winners, Simon and Sue Evans.

The Rally Champions are fiercely passionate that education of young drivers is the solution. CAMS Ignition teaches Australian youth aged 12 - 18, safe driving behaviours and attitudes in both a classroom environment as well as behind the wheel of a car.

“As rally car drivers we take road safety extremely seriously,” commented Sue Evans. “Both Simon and I have been driving for a very long time; we learnt about safety and the pitfalls of bad driving from a very young age. It is imperative that Australian youth learn good driving habits before they adopt the bad habits from their friends or even their parents.”

“Too often we see the effects of bad driving – fatalities or serious injuries that will live on for the rest of their lives. Not only do they suffer, but their friends and family will endure the consequences as well. In car distractions, speeding, how close you are to the car in front and drink driving; kids need to understand the consequences of their actions and programs such as CAMS Ignition provides the necessary education to assist them in making safer choices.”


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Combination of theoretical and practical sessions provided the youngsters with valuable road safety information and their first opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car.

Supported by Launceston Mazda, the event was the first of its type in Tasmania with locals full of praise and looking forward to the opportunity of being involved in future events.

Theory Sessions were run for all the year 10’s at the school the following day.






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 CAMS Ignition Delivers at the 2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Around 200 12-18 year olds had the opportunity to experience CAMS Ignition over the 4 days of the Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix and hailed it a huge success.

In the lead up to the event CAMS Ignition received a special endorsement from Formula 1™ ace and the eventual winner of the Australian Grand Prix, Jenson Button. This helped to secure a high level of media interest, including television coverage on channel 10's The Project.

Four schools attended as part of the AGP Community Engagement Program with one teacher labelling it as "the best out of school educational activity I have seen in all my years of teaching".

A further 96 young drivers moved through the session over the course of the weekend with many calling for the program to be formally implemented in schools and 97% noting in a post event survey they thought they would be safer drivers as a result of attending the course.

With Victoria's road toll up 12% to the same time last year, there was no better time to be talking road safety with some of our most vulnerable road users.


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CAMS Ignition at the 2012 Australian Grand Prix - Fully Booked!

Around 200 12-18 year olds got the opportunity to experience CAMS Ignition over the 4 days of the Formula 1 2012 Australian Grand Prix and hailed it a huge success.
In the lead up to the event CAMS Ignition recieved a special endorsement by Formula 1 World Champion and eventual AGP 2012 winner Jenson Button securing national television coverage on channel 10's The Project. Four schools attended as part of the AGP Community Engagement Program with one teacher labelling it as "the best out of school educational activity I have seen in all my years of teaching". A further 96 young drivers moved through the session over the course of the weekend with many calling for the program to be formally implemented in schools.