When you think about, at all levels of CAMS accredited motor sport – from circuit to tarmac and off-road, we all ‘kit up’ and strap ourselves into our various race cars with a degree of expectation that we will remain safe. This expectation is often taken for granted with little thought as to how we arrived at this point.

Motor Sport death and injury as a proportion of participants has plummeted in the modern era. Most of this a direct consequence of ongoing research, development and education around motor sport safety.

It’s only usually in an incident we appreciate that the current helmet, racesuit or HANS device standards may have saved us from injury or worse, or that our certified harness suitably restrained us whilst the rollcage did it’s job. The pursuit of increased safety in our sport will never stop and the FIA Institute is generally at the forefront of most motor sport safety related research, and AIMSS as a research partner of the Institute has been involved in several key projects since it’s inception in 2007.

So as you keep up on some of the latest developments and research around motor sport safety, often conducted and first implemented around the elite levels of the sport, remember much of this research filters down and ultimately finds it’s way into even the very grass roots level of our sport.

AIMSS is very much part of that process. Not just research, but also dissemination of information, industry liaison and education. So your support as a CAMS Licence holder via your Licence fee, will ensure we can continue to play our role in advancing motor sport safety.