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Regional Training Provider

CAMS is equipped to provide a broad range of products and services to other ASNs, dependent entirely upon the requirements of the ASN and the capabilities that they desire to enhance within their territory.

CAMS' capability is reinforced through the FIA’s:

  • Gold Level accreditation of the CAMS Officials Training Program – the first ASN in the world to achieve such accreditation; and
  • Accreditation of CAMS as a RTP – one of only four ASNs to achieve this status in the World.

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CAMS conducting international training with Indonesian ASN, Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI): October 2017

Training and Consultancy Services

CAMS has a highly skilled and experienced International Training Team and specialises in training and consultancy across a number of different disciplines.

CAMS can tailor its training service delivery according to the specific demands, capability and requirements of your ASN and offers a comprehensive suite of training options with individualised service.

Officials training and licensing
  • e-learning (on-line) platforms
  • instructor-led training
  • virtual training (webinars)
  • practical training
  • training opportunities at CAMS motor sport events
  • mentoring
  • training needs analysis
Event Management
  • event planning and co-ordination
  • organising committee support
  • operational event management and support
  • operations team
  • independent event and circuit/venue audits
Consultancy Services
  • ASN consultancy (governance and administrative structures)
  • competitors, drivers and navigators licensing
  • event permitting
  • sporting and technical regulations
  • judicial systems
  • road safety program (CAMS Ignition)
  • driver development initiatives

Why work with CAMS?

As an FIA Institute Regional Training Provider (RTP), CAMS has successfully trained and provided mentoring to over four thousand officials and marshals as part of its International Officials Training.

CAMS has extensive experience in the development and delivery of high quality officials training programs. This experience has been gained through the evolution of CAMS’ world renowned National Officiating Program in addition to the provision of international training consultancies including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Training and operational support for the FORMULA 1™ Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Operational support for the FORMULA 1™ Malaysian Grand Prix
  • Training and operational support for the FORMULA 1™ Singapore Grand Prix
  • Training and operational support for the FORMULA 1™ Korean Grand Prix
  • Training for the FORMULA 1™ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • Officials training for the Ceylon Motor Sports Club, Sri Lanka

CAMS International Training Team - Contacts:

We encourage you to contact CAMS for further information – [email protected]

Michael Smith                                                                                 
General Manager – International Training Team             
P:         +61 3 9593 7785                                           
M:        +61 416 111 443                                           
E:         [email protected]