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Australian Motor Racing Commission (AMRC)

The Australian Motor Racing Commission (AMRC) has been established by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) to contribute to the strategic development of motor racing and to assist in the ongoing management of the motor racing discipline within the territory of CAMS.

The AMRC shall ensure that the interests of all stakeholders in motor racing are considered fairly and equitably in its deliberations and decisions. All deliberations, recommendations and decisions shall be in the best interests of motor racing on a national basis. In pursuing any issue in the national interest, the AMRC will where relevant consider the potential implications of its recommendations and decisions on the interface between competition in Australia and internationally; competition in each State and nationally; and any potential impact on other disciplines of motor sport.

Functions and Responsibilities

The AMRC shall be the peak body for provision of advice to the Board of CAMS regarding all matters related to the discipline of motor racing and shall have executive management responsibility for various functions relating to motor racing as approved by the Board of CAMS.

The AMRC shall consider a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

  • The needs of competitors
  • The needs of event organisers and promoters
  • The needs and capacity of volunteer officials
  • The needs of venue operators
  • The costs to competitors and organisers, including fees and other costs, to keep motor racing attractive to existing competitors and to maintain a reasonable entry point for new competitors and to provide the appropriate contribution to CAMS
  • The promotion of motor racing to generate greater patronage, publicity and favourable public awareness, and to stimulate existing and potential sponsors
  • Eligibility, technical, safety issues, and support of the administration in conjunction with various other Committees and Commissions
  • Communications, with particular emphasis on the circulation of proposals and the seeking of comments, and the circulation of decisions made
  • Developing a procedure to compile and co-ordinate the calendar of motor racing events, especially insofar as National Championships and Series; and other significant events are concerned