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Australian Rally Commission (ARCom)

Overall Principle

To achieve the Commission's mission statement, viz:. "To become a premier motor sport category in Australia, providing an entertaining, popular and exciting medium in which aspiring competitors may participate, enjoy and achieve success at whatever level they desire, whilst ensuring the economic and social viability of the sport."

The Australian Rally Commission The primary task of the Commission is to manage and guide rallying in a manner that is in the national interest.

The members of the Commission will be selected on the basis of their personal discipline and knowledge of rallying in general and specific selected aspects.

The Commission needs to ensure that the differing needs of the competitors are being met. In meeting these needs, the Commission must take into account that decisions should be arrived at in the interests of rallying nationally and not necessarily in the interests of a specific group if the needs of that group are not in the national interest. 

National Competition Rules

The NCRs, as they apply to rallying, will be reviewed annually or more frequently if the need arises.

The specific rules on Australian rallying will be the exclusive responsibility of the Australian Rally Commission and alterations or additions to the rules will be advised to the Australian Motor Sports Commission as they are determined. Aspects of the NCRs which are relative to rallying but are shown outside the category will also be considered and any alterations or additions will be submitted as proposals to the Australian Motor Sports Commission.

Wherever possible, the Commission will strive for consistency and frequent minor adjustments to the rules must be avoided.

The introduction of new rally groups should not take place until after very thorough vetting of the proposed rules and after circulation to interested parties for their comment. The Commission must tend towards thorough and lengthy evaluation rather than moderate and speedy evaluation. 

Fees and Expenses

The Commission will monitor fees and expenses as they apply to the rally category and make appropriate recommendations with the aim of maintaining a reasonable net contribution to CAMS. 


Matters of safety, be they materialistic or humanistic, will be considered without disregard for the ethos of rallying.

The Future

The Australian Rally Commission believes that there must be an ongoing review of future categories for rallying. The acceptance of new Groups that have a significant period or technological change from a previous Group will be examined when a need or a demand appears to exist.