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CAMS Club Surveys

Welcome to the CAMS Affiliated Car Club survey page. CAMS regularly seeks input and feedback from its car clubs on a range of topics in order to continuously improve and evolve its services and offerings. 

CAMS collects data for the purpose of studying its car clubs as a whole. Responses are voluntary and will be confidential and will not be identified. 

As with any survey, there are no right or wrong answers and it is important that your club has its say on these matters for the betterment of all of the affiliated clubs within CAMS. Each survey should take approximately five minutes of your time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CAMS Sport and Club Development team at [email protected] or your local sport and club development officer. 

Current Surveys (links to the Surveys are at the bottom of the page):

1. Survey regarding State Council (Opens Tuesday 23 May. Closes Friday 30 June)

CAMS and its State Councils are seeking feedback from the CAMS Affiliated Car Clubs (both sporting and enthusiast) on the topic of State Councils and how clubs perceive them.  CAMS State Councils play a very important role within CAMS by providing another link for engagement between CAMS’ network of affiliated car clubs and CAMS itself.

However, in order for the State Councils to function properly and conduct business, there is an onus on clubs, especially those with voting rights, to work with their State Council to enable it to perform the role that is expected of it within CAMS.

If your club has no understanding of the State Council, it is still very much encouraged to complete the survey, as this will provide information to CAMS that more information and education regarding State Councils’ purpose and role within CAMS needs to be communicated to the affiliated clubs of CAMS.

2. Survey regarding the CAMS Club Development Fund (Opens Tuesday 23 May. Closes Friday 30 June)

Since its inception, the CAMS Club Development Fund has provided CAMS Affiliated Car Clubs in excess of $75,000 to assist these clubs to promote and develop grass roots motor sport in their local areas.  The Fund has provided financial assistance to over 130 events during its lifetime and the intention is for many other events to receive funding into the future.

Funding has been awarded to clubs all over Australia with clubs in both regional and metropolitan areas being successful in obtaining funding in a wide array of events, activities and initiatives.  Projects aimed at promoting the involvement of women in motor sport, clubs provisioning junior development opportunities and kick starting new events in areas that have not been seen previously are just some of the ways that clubs have obtained funding.

Now that the fund has been in existence for two and a half years, it is time to offer CAMS Affiliated Car Clubs the opportunity to have their say on the Fund and communicate to CAMS how they view it in its current form and whether there need to be changes made as to the Fund’s operation to make it more of a beneficial instrument in which to promote grass roots motor sport.