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Trans Tasman Visa

The World Motor Sport Council of the FIA has approved a request made jointly by CAMS and MotorSport NZ (being the FIA recognised ASN of New Zealand) for mutual recognition of competition licences in accordance with Article 18 of the FIA Sporting Code as defined for European Union Countries and comparable countries. This mutual recognition between the territories of New Zealand and Australia being subject to the following terms and conditions:

This agreement shall apply only to events agreed annually by MotorSport NZ and CAMS. Generally such events will be selected to include at least all National Championship events listed on the Sporting Calendars issued by MotorSport NZ and CAMS respectively. Other Events may be selected for inclusion should both MotorSport NZ and CAMS agree.

Any driver or competitor holding a National or higher grade Competition Licence issued by MotorSport NZ seeking to contest an event recognised by this mutual recognition agreement in Australia shall first obtain a Trans Tasman Visa by completion of the appropriate application form and payment of the appropriate fee, and submission of the application no later than (14) fourteen days prior to the Event.

By submission of the application for a Trans Tasman Visa the competitor shall agree to be bound by the rules (procedural, judicial and technical) of CAMS for the duration of the Visa.

MotorSport NZ shall, on being satisfied that the application is correct and is applicable for the Event, issue a Trans Tasman Visa and supply a copy of the current CAMS Manual.

Foreign Participation in National Events Visa

A Competitor, Driver or Navigator holding a licence issued by an FIA affiliated national sporting authority (ASN) other than CAMS may be eligible to compete in an event conducted in Australia.

Events wishing to permit foreign participation must clearly state so in the event supplementary regulations and on the entry form. In addition the Competitor, Driver or Navigator must complete the CAMS Foreign Participation Visa form for their discipline and any associated criteria. Once this is completed an authorisation to compete at the event will be issued by CAMS.

International Competition Visa

A Competitor, Driver or Navigator holding the highest grade of National or an International grade licence issued by CAMS may be permitted to compete in an overseas event as follows:

Highest grade National Licence Holders of the highest grade of national licence or an international licence issued by CAMS in their discipline may be permitted to compete at a national event in a foreign country. The organisers of the event must state in the event supplementary regulations that foreign licence holders are eligible to compete.

International Licence Holders of an International Licence issued by CAMS in their discipline may be permitted to compete at other events that take place overseas. To be eligible such events must be listed on the FIA International Sporting Calendar.