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CAMSEventEntry (CEE)

Using CAMSEventEntry is an easier and quicker way of entering motoring events.

With CEE you can,

* store information about your cars, your friends, your transporter and yourself,

 * edit your information whenever you want,

 * search for available events, read the Sup Regs,

 * enter and pay and

 * check the status of your entry and view an up-to-the-minute list of entries.

CAMSEventEntry is an initiative of a motor sport enthusiast who races in the historic scene.

If you are new to CAMSEventEntry, please watch this introductory video...

Read on to find out about some newly enhanced features sure to get you on board and using Australia's leading motor sport event entry system.

  • No need for signed entry forms and disclaimers
  • Calendar of events are now pre-loaded
  • Increased features of the online licence checker
  • Credit card payments user friendly


CEE can be used without signed entry forms and disclaimers. This is great news for entrants and event organisers and all but removes the need for paperwork in creating and managing entries.

Entrants must acknowledge they have read and accept the supplementary regulations and CAMS disclaimer and, if provided, the club disclaimer, by ticking the tick boxes at the top of the CEE electronic entry form. The first 2 tick boxes will be visible for all events whilst the third will be visible if your club provides a link to its own disclaimer. The entrant cannot create an entry without ticking the 2 (or 3) tick boxes.


However, because the insurer and lawyers require each driver identify themselves (via a CEE username and password) before ticking these tick boxes, for the 10% of entries which involve a driver who is not the entrant, those drivers will still be required to sign the disclaimer, until they are create their own CEE account. (At present most guest drivers are defined in the My Team section of the entrants CEE account).

Please note that CEE is ONLY online entry system that allows paperless entries without physically signing disclaimers.  CAMS has worked closely with our insurers to put the required standards in place to achieve this and no other online systems have been approved.



A six month list of 250 events have been loaded into CEE to make it easier for you to use CEE.  

Only summary information has been loaded such as name of the event, where, dates and contact person.  These events are visible in Upcoming Events, but are greyed out and INACTIVE.  It is up to you as the event organiser to log onto CEE, review the information and add fees, classes, payment options, etc and then activate the event.

Every club has been given a CEE log-on with username and password – if you don’t know them, call the CAMS help desk on 1300 883 959.


If you are new to CEE, be sure to watch the tutorial available on the home page (after logging on as the event organiser).

More calendar items will be loaded as they come to hand.



The original CAMS licence checker which CEE uses to validate entrants licences, is about to be replaced with a new more advanced checker.  It will still operate in the same way, automatically by the entrant when creating an entry and by the event organiser to bulk check all entries to an event.


The new version will provide more functionality (eg reason for invalidity including expiry, suspensions, etc), more reliability and less bugs (name with apostrophes will be accepted).



To make it super easy for you to offer on-line credit card payment by entrants, CAMS is investigating establishing a CAMS credit card facility, which you can choose to offer as a payment option.

In the past event organisers have usually established a Paypal facility for on-line credit card payments within CEE.  The Paypal facility is invariably time consuming and frustrating to setup, poorly supported and not cheap at 2.4% plus 30c per transaction.

This will involve no set up effort, and, all being well, will be cheaper.  As is the case now, you will still be able to nominate whether you absorb or pass-on the transaction fee to the entrant.