Peroni’s 2020 vision for on track return

Tuesday 08 October, 2019
Alex Peroni will be back behind the wheel in 2020.
After being involved in a sensational crash at Monza more than a month ago, Tasmanian sensation Alex Peroni is eyeing a return to international competition in 2020.
The 19-year-old’s airborne crash, which saw him spiral into the air and land upside down on a tyre barrier after he ran over a ‘sausage’ kerb made headlines around the world, prompting the call to look at safer methods in enforcing track limits on such high-speed corners.
Following the crash, Peroni was taken to hospital over concussion and fractured vertebrae concerns and doctors instructed him to wear a body brace for his journey back to his hometown in Tasmania.
Further medical consultations in Australia confirmed his back should heal completely, with no long-lasting ill-effects and he should be fit to race again.

With Peroni’s recovery expected to take three months instead of the original 30-60 days prognosis, the extra time will allow his bones to regain full strength before getting into fitness training.

Despite not being able to partake in this November’s Macau Grand Prix, Peroni was just looking forward to beginning his road to recovery, starting with small steps.
“I can’t wait to get back in the gym and back on the track, but for now a gentle walk is as good as it gets,” Peroni said.
“Even light weights are out. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to the pool and do some gentle resistance work in a month or so. I’m really looking forward to that. At least it will be a start.
“I’m so disappointed to have to sit out the rest of the year just when I was heading for my best race result in the championship. But for now, there’s nothing I can do - It’s all up to the medical experts.”
Before the crash Peroni had endured a mixed first year in the FIA Formula 3 Championship, picking up two top 10 finishes as Campos Racing’s best driver.
While the Tasmanian has his sights set on a 2020 return, for the moment he was just grateful to be okay and for the support he received on the back of the incident.
“I’ve said it before, but honestly I can’t say it enough – thank you so much to my sponsors, supporters and the thousands of well-wishers who have sent messages,” Peroni added.
“It’s been humbling to know so many people genuinely care and support what I’m trying to achieve in Europe, so far away from this beautiful island, Tasmania, at the bottom of Australia.
“Thanks also to everyone at Campos Racing in Valencia. Their support has been unbelievable. They made me feel at home all year and have continued to do what they can to assist since the accident.”
A major fundraiser to help get Alex back on track is planned for 15 November, with details on the event to be released soon.