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Based in: Darwin, Northern Territory (Hidden Valley Raceway)

How long has your club been established for, and how did it all begin?

Improved Production racing has been a part of the Territory’s racing calendar for many years. In 2015, IPRANT was established to allow the Territory to have an Improved Production representative for Improved Production Racing Australia. Being incorporated gives us input into the future of Improved Production Racing and to help make the category even better.

What type of events does your club participate in?

IRRANT competes monthly in championship rounds under the North Australian Motor Sport Club (NAMSC) calendar. We have both over and under 2.0 litre vehicles competing within IPRANT. In June each year we compete as a support category to the Supercars round at Hidden Valley Raceway. This gives our category great exposure and promotes the fun environment we have to offer.

What makes your club unique?

IPRANT is not only an ‘on track’ club, we also hold a number of social events to help build and foster relationships with members. We are a welcoming club and everyone is always more than happy to help new drivers get into racing.

What does it mean for your club to be affiliated with CAMS?

Being affiliated with CAMS allows our category in the NT to be recognised as being a part of the greater picture, Improved Production Racing Australia. As a CAMS affiliated club it demonstrates our commitment to upholding CAMS Core Purpose and Values and positively contributes to increased participation and interest in motor sport.

How can someone become a member of your club?

Joining IPRANT is easy! With a great group of members who are always more than willing to help out, it makes Improved Production racing as easy as finding the accelerator pedal! You can visit our website or email us at [email protected] for more information on how you can go racing.


Originally published in Speed Read - May 2017
6 January, 2018