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Brant new era for Garage 1


From his early years working as a Fabricator in the Group A era, Marty Brant went on to start his own business Independent Race Cars in 2001.

Lessons learnt from working with greats like Fred Gibson, Ross and Jimmy Stone and many others had Brant set a high benchmark for himself, to try and recreate some of the success he had been part of in those years with his own team. 

While Brant raced and won championships for many years following, the biggest thrill for Brant was to be able to help others achieve their goal, be it pole position in a State meeting, National Championship win or even a simple personal best on a test day.

It was the success gained through these many years working at the highest level that helped him build his new business, Garage 1, alongside long-time friend and co-owner John Evans.


Garage 1 has been developed to create an avenue for Australian and New Zealand motor sport competitors to access quality motor sport equipment and advice.

The company creates FIA and CAMS certified roll cages, fuel systems and other racing equipment, while also building race cars from scratch using many of their own parts.

The two started the retail business when they realised that there was a gap in the market for easily accessible motor sport parts for established race teams as well as racers building cars at home from their garage.

“We just thought that there are very few people in Victoria selling motor sport parts, and we saw an opportunity to fill that hole,” Brant said.

“As far as I know, we are one of the few businesses around that can take a road car, design and build it, supply componentry then race it, 100% in house.”

As the business continues to grow with more drivers bringing their cars to Garage 1, there is little time to reflect on how many challenges Brant has had to face both on and away from the racetrack.


“We can do pretty much everything for a race car owner, professional or amateur, which is why we do what we do,” Brant added.

For more information on Garage 1, click here.


Published:13 September, 2018