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FIA Drivers AcademyThe selection events for the next FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy will be hosted by FIA National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) in Netherlands, Croatia, UAE, South Africa, Mexico and China.

The global selection process has been expanded further this year with events in six different countries to give as many young drivers as possible the potential to apply and participate. The Europe region, which accounts for 47 eligible countries, has been split across two events representing the North East and South West regions. The event in China will be undertaken as a collaborative project between the Chinese (FASC) and Australian (CAMS) ASNs.

Last year, the five events provided the opportunity for over 70 drivers – each the top pick of their country – to compete for selection in their region. These prestigious events provided significant opportunities to every participant, with drivers receiving four days of world-class training and education whilst competing for a place on the main Academy.

The events will run from August to late-October this year, with each event receiving global coverage on the FIA Institute website and promotion to the world’s motor sport media.