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CAMS Club Challenge: WrxSA

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As the CAMS Club Challenge prepares for the next event at Collingrove in South Australia on 28 May, CAMS caught up with the Impreza WRX Owners Club of SA Inc and learnt more about their team they are entering into the challenge.


What got WRXSA involved in the CAMS Club Challenge? 

WRXSA has a long and proud history of competing at Collingrove. The popularity of grassroots motor sport in SA, as well as the proliferation of social media amongst the Adelaide car scene has seen members rise from three or four cars at each Collingrove to today's numbers of over 20 cars at an event. Collingrove forms a strong part of our WRXSA Club Championship with three to four hill climb events entered on the calendar. 

Being a fairly modest-sized club, WRXSA only only hosts one dedicated members only motor sport event per year. For the last two years we hire Collingrove for a day to introduce new members into a relaxed, non competitive (mostly!) but overall friendly motor sport event.

With WRXSA having all this history with Collingrove, it was a simple decision to enter the CAMS Club Challenge. That, and we had no shortage of members putting up their hand for a spot!


If WRXSA won the top prize of $2,500, what would you and your team do with the money? 

WRXSA hosts one motor sport event per year - at Collingrove!

If we won the top prize, it would cover the entry fees of the 40 odd cars that we have had entered for the last two years. The club runs the event at a loss and subsidises the entry fees, but the prize money on offer would allow us to pay for the entire entry fee of members.

This would free up budget for family entertainment and meals at the track ... even an entire second event!


What makes the WRX Owners Club of SA Inc unique?

WRXSA is an Adelaide based CAMS affiliated car club with around 140 members.

Membership is open to all Subaru owners (not just WRX), and also caters for vehicles of all kinds with our associate membership.

WRXSA not only offers a friendly, supportive introduction to motor sport, but also runs well organised cruises and social events from Movie nights and Tech nights to go-karts and product demonstrations through our great relationships with all major Subaru workshops in Adelaide.

Do you think your club has what it takes to compete against the WRXSA team? Entries are still open for the upcoming SA CAMS Club Challenge on 28 May. 

To register your team in Australia's newest Challenge, click here: /get-involved/clubs/cams-club-challenge-australia