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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has confirmed the format for the new single seater CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship to begin in 2015.

Launched at the Australian Grand Prix in March this year, the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship will consist of a ‘Teams’ model whereby CAMS will purchase a fleet of Formula 4 racing machines to hire out to individuals and teams who will take part in the exciting new formula.

CAMS has engaged French manufacturer Mygale to produce 20 Formula 4 chassis’, with delivery of the race cars to Australia expected to occur in early 2015. 

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos added that the framework chosen for the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship is the most popular model of those who have expressed interest in the FIA’s new open wheel pathway.

“We have looked closely at the proposed framework and believe that it is in the best interests of both Australian motor sport and young Australian drivers to embrace the opportunity provided by a tightly controlled entry level championship endorsed by the FIA and in line with similar championships in other countries.” Papadopoulos said.

CAMS conferred with the Australian motor sport community before coming to the decision of the ‘Teams’ format, welcoming 49 expressions of interest by individuals and teams.

Papadopoulos said this marks an exciting moment in time for Australian motor sport.

“CAMS has been committed to the development of Australian motor sport talent for many years and we are delighted to confirm our support of this championship in alignment of the FIA’s new open wheel pathway with this announcement. We believe that the Formula 4 Championship will provide a compelling new format of racing and offer the best possible learning experience for young drivers in this country.” Said Papadopoulos.

FIA President Jean Todt took delight in CAMS taking the next step in the evolution of new open pathway.

“FIA Formula 4 is a great initiative because this discipline represents the missing step which exists between Karting and Formula 3. Secondly, because Formula 4 creates a synergy between the FIA and its national motor sport associations through training the talent of tomorrow in a championship which controls costs and maintains the highest levels of safety. With Formula 4, young drivers from every country have the chance to put themselves in the spotlight from the start of their career. It will offer a new breeding ground of drivers for Formula 1 but also other top-level disciplines,” said Todt.

CAMS can also reveal the Formula 4 Australian Championship will consist of 7 rounds, with 3 races per round of the championship with teams permitted 6 test sessions during the season. These test sessions will be spread over pre and mid-season.

In a boost for Formula 4’s arrival in Australia, CAMS can also confirm that it will feature as a support category on the V8 Supercars Australia calendar for 2015, bringing with it the widest possible appeal and exposure through the extensive television coverage it provides as Australia’s premier racing category.

V8 Supercars Chief Executive James Warburton said he was excited to have Formula 4 on the V8 Supercar Championship schedule.

“There’s little doubt that Formula 4 is a new and exciting category and V8 Supercars Australia is pleased to have been able to work with CAMS to have it added to our calendar in 2015,“ said Warburton.

“It will certainly be a historic moment for Australian motor sport when Formula 4 rolls out for the first time next year and we look forward to seeing it happen in front of a big crowd of V8 Supercars fans.“

Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott, said he was looking forward to seeing Formula 4 in Australia in 2015 as it provides a new breeding ground for future Formula 1 drivers.

“The Australian Grand Prix Corporation will be looking on with interest when the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship gets underway next year,” Westacott said.

“Formula 4 is an exciting new formula and it’s likely that we’ll see many talented open wheel drivers emerge from the category. We would love to see the next Aussie F1 star begin his or her career in Formula 4 and eventually race at the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, following in the footsteps of Webber and Ricciardo.”

1980 Formula 1 World Champion Alan Jones has supported CAMS in its formation of the Formula 4 Australian Championship and was present at the championship launch at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix in March.

“I look forward to seeing Formula 4 in action. If it helps develop and guide young drivers to the pinnacle of motor sport, then it has my support,” said Jones.

“It’s vital that young talented drivers have the pathway and then the support to progress from karting all the way to the very top of Australian and World motor sport.”

CAMS is proud to announce that the new formula will be strongly linked to established development platforms in the CAMS Driver Development Program. It will enable CAMS to further support and promote the progression of talented young drivers that are exposed to elite training at CAMS Academy events.

“This is a really exciting development for Australian motor racing. By embracing the FIA Formula 4 initiative CAMS is evolving the rich history of motor racing with this new structure for the future. I look forward to seeing young elite talent racing Formula 4 at circuits around Australia in 2015.” Papadopoulos said.

“Italy was the first to phase in Formula 4 but there is little doubt that CAMS is amongst the world leaders when it comes to introducing the FIA’s new open wheel pathway. We are following its development attentively and the FIA will lend all its support to CAMS especially where technical equity and communication are concerned. The object here is to make FIA Formula 4 the first indisputable step for single-seater racing drivers and it’s great that CAMS and Australia have embraced this very interesting and exciting phase for motor sport.” Todt said.

The Chairman of CAMS Foundation, Geoff Morgan, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship and the pathway it now provides for young Australian motor sport enthusiasts.

“The CAMS Foundation mantra is ‘supporting elite young drivers’ and the Australian Formula 4 Championship will certainly allow CAMS and the Foundation to do more in this regard.” Morgan said.

“Many young talented drivers will be looking to Formula 4 to prove themselves as they strive to become the best that they can be and that’s where the Foundation comes in, by guiding and supporting young male and female drivers in this journey.” 

Mick Doohan, the Chairman of Karting Australia and five-time World Motorcycle Champion, is pleased to see the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship taking shape ahead of a start in 2015 as the new formula will be a proving ground for young karters.

“It’s certainly exciting and I look forward to seeing the championship take off next year. It’s great for all the karters out there as there is now a very definitive pathway for them to steer toward. All at Karting Australia will have a keen eye on Formula 4 as it’s a very significant step for Australian motor sport,” said Doohan.

“With Formula 4 being ‘wings and slicks’ it will provide young Australia drivers with a platform to further develop themselves at a cost effective level. That’s important and so is the equipment, given that the FIA standard carbon-fibre monocoque provide drivers with the highest level of safety.”

Complying with the FIA Formula 4 technical regulations, the championship car will use a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis - meeting FIA safety standards - and will be powered by an engine developing approximately 160bhp mated to a paddle shift gearbox, plus wings and slick tyres.

CAMS will soon announce further detail about the engine, oil and tyre suppliers for the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship and registration for the new championship will be accepted from September 24.


Any enquires about the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship can be emailed to [email protected]

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