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CAMS FAQ: New National Office

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In May, CAMS successfully sold its Malvern East national headquarters at auction, meaning a move to a new office will soon be on the cards.

CEO Eugene Arocca has spoken to to provide some clarity around the upcoming relocation and what it will mean for CAMS members. 

Why are you moving?
We have outgrown the current building and are in need of more space for our growing organisation to ensure we can continue provide the level of service our members expect. The Malvern East national office has been a great part of CAMS history, but it is also in definite need of an upgrade. Acting on professional advice, the Board ultimately made the decision that finding new headquarters was the best and most cost-effective option, rather than looking to expand on the current site. 

When are you moving?
We don’t have to move out of our current Malvern East office for at least 12 months and we are certainly not in any rush to do so. We have a dedicated committee set up that is on the lookout for a new building that will meet our specific needs. We won’t be forced in to a quick move to a site that doesn’t meet our needs now and in to the future.

Will you stay in the same area?
The CAMS Board has agreed that inner Melbourne is the best location for any new national office and that’s where we are looking. It is hoped that we won’t be moving too far from the current Malvern East site – whether that will see us move closer to the city or just down the road, time will tell. We are determined to find a location close to public transport so those who need to visit the CAMS office, as well as our hard working staff, can do so easily and hassle free. That said, finding the ideal building is never easy as we have to factor in everything from public parking to IT suitability and future expansion. We will consider all options, including buying land and building to our own specifications. 

Will I still be able to come to the office to renew my licence/speak to CAMS staff etc.?
Yes, this is a priority for us and we will look to make the new office more accessible than what we currently have in place. We are also investigating the possibility of having a publicly accessible Hall of Fame display set up in the new building which will help highlight the wonderful history of motor sport in Australia.

Will State Councils and other member organisations still have access to meeting rooms?
Yes, we will look to expand on and provide even more meeting facilities that will be accessible to those who need the space. 

Will any other state offices around Australia be moving too?
There are no plans to move any other CAMS office at this present time.

Published: 6 September 2017