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CAMS Head Office - On The Move

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The CAMS Board would like to inform members that it is considering a relocation of CAMS’ head office in Melbourne.

“The current CAMS National Office has served us well, however over recent years it has become increasingly clear that it is not meeting our growing needs,” CEO Eugene Arocca said.

“The record growth in CAMS core business and related activities over the last four years has resulted in increased investment in staff, facilities and technology, all of which place additional strain on the existing facility.”

“While we need a building that positions CAMS for continued growth and improvement in services, it is also critical that we have an accessible site that caters for State Council, Panels and club meetings after-hours, along with Officials training and other seminars.

“The age, condition and size of the current site mean the options to refurbish or extend in order to meet these needs are limited.”

CAMS formally took possession of its current headquarters in Malvern East, Victoria, in 1998. Arocca said it was likely that CAMS would purchase another site.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos stated “The CAMS Board believes the most financially prudent option would be to ensure that CAMS secures its own building and it is the Board’s intention to use the funds from the sale to purchase a more suitable property to cater for the future needs of CAMS”.

Arocca added “This approach has previously resulted in strong, consistent growth of a capital asset, which has been a strong contributor to CAMS’ financial stability.

“Combined with our recent record of generating a healthy operating surplus each year, we are in a strong position to invest in a home that will meet the needs of our stakeholders well into the future.”

A subcommittee of the Board has been established to work through options relating to the site and possible relocation, comprising Andrew Papadopoulos, Tony South, Alan Evans, Garry Connelly, Eugene Arocca and Darryl Ferris.

CAMS Members are welcome to offer constructive views regarding the options to consider if CAMS were to sell the current Malvern East site. All suggestions can be forwarded to the CEO’s office via [email protected]