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CAMS Integrity Policy Updates

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CAMS has recently undertaken a review of both the CAMS Alcohol and CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policies and Procedures.  

The use of banned drugs and alcohol in motor sport is unsafe and sets a poor example for other members of the community who view participants as role models. 

The CAMS Safety Testing and Alcohol Policies outline CAMS’ rights to test for banned drugs/alcohol, as well as outlining the consequences if they are detected in a participant’s sample. 

Safety is the primary objective of these policies and demonstrates CAMS commitment to fulfilling its duty to protect the safety of all motor sport participants, and spectators, by implementing measures that will reduce the risk of serious incidents and injury. 

A total of 13 participants returned a positive reading in 2017 (i.e. above 0.01 as displayed on the breathalyser) under the CAMS Alcohol Policy and were excluded from that particular day of the event. During the same period, four participants returned a positive sample and were suspended indefinitely under CAMS Safety Testing Policy. 

A further four participants returned a positive sample following a laboratory confirmation, however these results were consistent with pre-declared medication and no official breach of the Policy was recorded.  

It is important to note that a ‘positive’ reading from an oral drug screen is not deemed an official breach of policy until confirmed by a laboratory confirmation. Any exclusion issued remains in effect until a laboratory can confirm there is no presence of a banned drug. 

The major change within the CAMS Alcohol Policy is the introduction of a new penalty system for participants that return a positive breath alcohol sample (above 0.010g/100mL). The penalty system will complement the existing exclusion process with the aim of deterring repeat offenders.  

Under the new system, any participant that officially breaches the CAMS Alcohol Policy will be issued with an official warning letter following their first offence. This letter will also serve as notice to the proposed penalties for any subsequent breach of the Policy.  

Any participant that breaches the CAMS Alcohol Policy for a second or third time will be required to serve a mandatory period of suspension (six and 24 months respectively) and undergo counselling at the participant’s own cost. 

These changes will be applied retrospectively, meaning any individual who has already been excluded under the current CAMS Alcohol Policy will already have one breach under the updated Policy. Any further breaches will result in suspension. 

Updates to the CAMS Safety Testing Policy focused on making the program more accessible to car clubs and Event Organisers/Promoters.  

CAMS is grateful for the feedback from participants that the Promoter and/or Event Organiser should be able to initiate drug testing at a CAMS permitted event, even if the event was not selected for testing and therefore paid for by CAMS.

As a result, a new clause has been included in the Policy to combat this issue. 

Section 4.1 states:

(f) A Promoter and/or Event Organiser may instigate Safety Testing at their Event. All Safety Testing requires approval by CAMS, except in exceptional circumstance where a Drug Testing Representative is contracted throughout the course of an Event. This may be done through the Stewards of the Meeting, Clerk of Course or Secretary of the Meeting. 

(i) Any Safety Testing organised independently of CAMS will be the financial responsibility of the Promoter and/or Event Organiser.

(ii) CAMS maintain responsibility of results management of any Safety Testing conducted under this clause. 

All testing initiated independently of CAMS must still be approved by CAMS to ensure it is conducted in compliance with Australian standards, and results management maintained by CAMS.

If a Promoter and/or Event Organiser would like testing to occur after the commencement of their event, it would be expected that this would only be done in exceptional circumstances and CAMS would be notified immediately. This would be the responsibility of the Stewards of the Meeting, Clerk or Course and Event Secretary to organise and communicate this with CAMS.  

The Safety Testing Policy also sees an increases in penalties for repeat offenders, with a participant now suspended indefinitely (12 month minimum and $500 fine) for their second breach of the policy, and suspended indefinitely (2 year minimum and $1000) for a third breach in addition to successful completion of a drug-counselling course.  

Updates to both policies were approved by the CAMS Board on 17 February 2018, and are effective immediately. All CAMS Members should take the time to read through the updated policies and ensure they are aware of their obligations when attending an event. 

If you are a Promoter and/or Event Organiser and would like to arrange drug testing to occur at your event please get in contact with CAMS Integrity via [email protected]


Published: 11 April, 2018