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Change of Management for Nationals

ShannonChangeAfter ten seasons as the Series Manager of the Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals Rob Curkpatrick will step down from the full time role at the end of 2015.

From 2016 the series will be managed by CAMS’ motor sport development department, overseen by Cameron McConville, with Curkpatrick remaining on hand to offer advice throughout the transition.

“Rob has done a fantastic job running the Nationals and has built it into a significant part of the Australian motor racing landscape,” CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said.

“We don’t foresee any major changes and we will continue to provide a platform to showcase our motor racing categories and build the profile of the Nationals.”

"As we have mentioned previously this may include an event or two that will host categories that don't run on the full Nationals calendar." 

Curkpatrick said he was proud to have played a significant role in introducing stability to national-level motorsport in Australia. 

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished with the Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals across the past 10 years and, by the end of this year, 91 rounds of top quality motor racing. 

“The Nationals was formed out of a period of extreme instability in national-level motorsport, outside of the V8 Supercars program, that saw a group of categories and competitors all struggling with no real direction. 

“We introduced stability, a sound business model for the categories and competitors involved and we are proud to say it has thrived since. Thanks must go to the great competitors and categories we have been fortunate to work with, to the team involved in running it and the support of key partners like the fantastic people at Shannons Insurance. 

“I am proud of the legacy we have created and of the work our great team has put in to build it to the point it is now and am confident in CAMS’ capacity to manage it into the future and the approach they are taking.”

CAMS also wants to link existing grassroots development initiatives to the events.

“We see opportunities to expand our Ricciardo’s Racers, F1 in Schools, Officials training and driver development programs by adding a practical element around the events,” Arocca said.   

“Managing the Shannons Nationals is a logical step for us and we now have the appetite and operational capacity to take it on and run it successfully.  We intend to build on what Rob and his team have achieved in the best interests of Australian Motor sport.”