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Commission Appointments confirmed

Driver Training (Track)

CAMS can today confirm it has finalised its Commissioner appointments for 2018.

CEO Eugene Arocca said all of its Commissioners played a vital role in the strategic and operational aspects of the Australian motor sport landscape.

“It’s no surprise we have record numbers of competitors, clubs and events across the country and we should all be grateful for the role our Commissions play to ensure sustainable success,” Arocca said.

“Every single Commissioner works tirelessly throughout their terms and we thank them for their tremendous passion and commitment to our great sport.”

The CAMS Board has delegated power to its Commissions to plan and administer specific disciplines or functions of the organisation. Commissions, in general, have executive authority and responsibility over areas that affect only their discipline or function.

As Commissioners are delegates of the Board of CAMS, they must meet the requirements of a Director under the Corporations Act 2001.

Arocca thanked those outgoing Commissioners, with several retirements confirmed.

“To our new Commissioners, we look forward to proactively working together in the years ahead, while those who have finished their terms we thank you for your service and commitment.”

“The CAMS Board and staff thank Ben Rainsford, Mike Hicks and Peter Macneall for their outstanding service as Commissioners.

"We congratulate John Palmer on his appointment as Chair of the Australian Motor Sport Development Commission.”

About 40 per cent of the confirmed appointments are new members, highlighting the strong succession planning in place. Every Commission was now at capacity as there were some pre-existing casual vacancies that were able to be filled due to the number of nominations.

The below Commissioner appointments have been confirmed by the CAMS Board:



Marilyn Emmins

Fred Severin

Ben Erceg

Zane Murray




Ewan Cole

Bob Piper

Rob Thiry




Ian Bigg

Hamish Marquis

Jon Thomson

Col Trinder




Bob Cracknell

Col Haste

David Twigg




Vince Ciccarello (Regulations)

Paul Dumbrell (Strategy)

Andrew Jones (Strategy)

Ian Mayberry (Regulations)

Lyn Punshon (Strategy)

Bronte Rundle (Strategy)




Bruce Astbury

Andrew Collier

Garry Goulding

Published: 16 November, 2017