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Dual wins for Australia in Portugal

Rotax 125 MAX DD2_preview

Two Australian karters have been crowned champions at the 2017 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final in Portugal. 

Cody Gillis and Troy Woolston were winners in their respective classes, amongst 360 drivers from 59 countries.

Gillis claimed his DD2 victory by a staggering four seconds clear of his nearest rival, in what he said was an 'incredible' moment. 

"It is an amazing feeling to win this event, I can't believe it," Gillis said. 

"To be able to represent Australia and then see all of the green and gold up in the grandstand 'going off' when I crossed the line was just incredible."

Woolston made it two consecutive victories for Australia in the DD2 Masters Class following from Lee Mitchener's breakthrough win last year. 

In his sixth attempt at the title, Woolston emerged victorious following an epic battle in the final. 

"I've been chasing this win for a long time and it feels even better than I ever though it would, it is seriously the best feeling," Woolston said. 

"We've got such an amazing Australian team here this year and it has been an awesome post-race celebration.

"A huge congratulations to all of the other Australians on their efforts this year and also to Cody on his victory in DD2."

Australia had 14 drivers in Portugal competing at the event, all who had qualified to be part of 'Team Australia' through the local series. 

The impressive performance by the Australian team saw them also win the Nations Cup at the event. 

2017 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final - Australian final results

1st - Troy Woolston (DD2 Masters)
1st - Cody Gillis (DD2)
3rd - James Wharton (Mini MAX)
6th - Scott Howard (DD2 Masters)
15th - Ryan Kennedy (DD2)
16th - Jac Preston (Junior MAX)
20th - Kris Walton (DD2 Masters)
26th - Brad Jenner (Senior MAX)
30th - Cody Brewcyzynski (Senior MAX)
DNF - Harry Arnett (Micro MAX) 
DNF - Jaiden Pope (Junior MAX)
DNF - Broc Feeney (Junior MAX)
DNQ - Cameron Longmore (Senior MAX)
DNQ - Joshua Fife (DD2) 


Published: 13 November, 2017