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FIA plan to improve rally safety

RallySafetyFIAJean Todt, FIA President, yesterday chaired an extraordinary meeting with the Presidents of the FIA Commissions involved in rally safety.

Those in attendance included:

- Gérard Saillant, Medical Commission

- Ari Vatanen, Closed Road Commission

- Carlos Barbosa, WRC Commission

- Peter Wright, Safety Commission

- Arman Barfull, Rally Commission

- Richard Schilling, Cross Country Rally Commission

- Carlos Gracia Fuertes, President, RFEDA (Spanish ASN)

- Michèle Mouton, WRC Manager

As part of the meeting, the recent tragic accidents in all levels of rallying were reviewed.

Following this process, the meeting assessed a range of new measures that could support and strengthen the efforts of organizers regarding the safety of spectators, drivers and officials.

As a result of that assessment, the FIA will develop a comprehensive action plan that will incorporate:

1. Reinforcement to all authorities responsible for the organization of rallies of the heightened danger in running rallies outside of the basic framework of the FIA guidelines for spectator and vehicle safety.

2. In conjunction with National Sport Authorities (ASNs) and rally organizers, introduce measures seeking to increase the reach and impact of educational programs for spectator safety.

3. The creation of a dedicated task force of FIA experts, which will be available to support ASNs and rally organizers and assist them in the implementation of the preferred Safety guidelines.

The aim of the action plan is to have a positive influence in rally safety around the world, from local grass roots events through to the pinnacle of the sport at World Rally Championship level.

At the recent Rallye Deutschland, the FIA released a safety video encouraging all rally spectators to be aware of their role in safely attending events.