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Government’s Asbestos Crackdown

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CAMS is aware of the Australian Border Force’s (ABF) recent crackdown on asbestos in imported, older vehicles and is working with our clubs and the Federal Government to establish the impacts it may have on the sport and industry.

Common high risk parts and components in older vehicles that may contain asbestos include gaskets, brake pads, seals and clutch linings.

CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said anyone who thinks they may be impacted should contact CAMS to discuss the issue before importing a vehicle.

“We are in conversation with the Australian Border Force to establish what impact this crackdown will have on events CAMS members or promoters are planning on hosting, or for those traveling in and out of the country with vintage and classic cars,” Arocca said.

As it currently stands, where a vehicle is deemed a risk of containing asbestos, the ABF will require assurances that parts or components do not contain asbestos however, if a vehicle is suspected to contain asbestos, it may be quarantined for inspection with significant costs forced onto the vehicle owners. 

“We are happy for members to speak to us first about their options and how we can help establish what may or may not be allowed and what assurances need to be in place prior to any vehicle importation,” Arocca added. 

The Australian Border Force website provides more information about the issue here:

Anyone with queries about the issue can contact CAMS directly on 03 9593 7777.

30 August, 2017