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Increasing your insurance coverage

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CAMS has further increased its insurance coverage for CAMS licence holders and officials competing and officiating at CAMS permitted events.

The CAMS National Insurance Program provides two key areas of cover – personal accident cover and public liability/professional indemnity cover. Personal accident insurance can provide financial assistance to licence holders who sustain an injury during a CAMS affiliated club or permitted activity.

Importantly, the program now provides coverage for up to $900 per week for loss of income, a $300 per week increase.

The capital benefit has also increased by more than 30 per cent, rising from $75,000 to $100,000 in the event of an incident.

The change to the coverage is now in effect. 

Those drivers and officials holding a CAMS licence need to be aware the CAMS public liability and accident insurance policies only cover them when they are participating in CAMS permitted events.

While some organisers not running under a CAMS permit recognise CAMS licences, this does not mean that CAMS provides any insurance for that event or that those drivers or officials are covered by CAMS’ insurances. 

Additional cover can also be purchased at a reduced rate through Gallagher. 

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Published: 11 October, 2017