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CAMS can today confirm it has reduced the excess payable as part of its public liability insurance offering.

Previously, those making a claim were liable for a $10,000 excess, however CAMS has now reduced the excess payable, with the following limits to apply, effective immediately:

Excess levels


CAMS Permitted Motor Sport Events

CAMS Non Competitive, Social Permitted Event

(events or activities not involving motor sport activities and where general public are involved)

CAMS Social Events (events or activities not involving motor sport activities and where only club members are involved)

(eg. committee meetings, working bees, club social drive days, club only show and shine)

Affiliated Sporting Club

(Sporting Plans
1, 2, 3, 4)




Affiliated Enthusiast Club 

(Enthusiast Plans
1, 2, 3, 4)




Other entities 









CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said he was pleased to be able to confirm a reduction in the excess which applies to both sporting and enthusiasts clubs. 

“Our insurance offering, through our partners Gallagher, is there to provide peace of mind to our members and all CAMS’ affiliated clubs,” Arocca said.

“We are pleased to be able to confirm that we have significantly reduced the excess payable on our public liability insurance to ensure there is no big excess bill in the unfortunate case of an incident,” Arocca said. 

“Motor sport is a dangerous activity, and while we do everything we can to reduce the risks, having a strong and comprehensive insurance policy in place gives those involved in CAMS’ events some peace of mind. 

“Further, we have been able to reduce the excess significantly for non-motor sport related activities, such as working bees, committee meetings, social drives to ease our clubs minds. 

“Most importantly, CAMS members and clubs can take part in our sport, knowing that if something does go wrong they have a comprehensive insurance policy behind them.”

For more information about CAMS public liability insurance, and the insurance coverage for members, read more at Gallaghers’ CAMS insurance website:

For a copy of the CAMS Insurance Handbook, click here.

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FAQ About this change:

Will this change cost me money or be passed on to me through increased permit fees?
No, there is no extra cost associated with this change to either clubs or members. CAMS will cover the costs associated with the reduction in the excess payable.

Why are you reducing the excess?
CAMS wants to make sure that motor sport remains affordable and that clubs are not exposed to a significant excess bill in the unfortunate case of an incident. Clubs may also be discouraged from hosting events if they think they might have a large excess bill following an incident – the significant reduction in the excess will provide clubs with considerable comfort if something were to happen.

When do these changes come into place?
These changes are in place effective immediately. 

What do I need to do to make sure these changes apply to me?
Absolutely nothing, if you need to make a claim, the new excess charges will apply automatically.

Can I find out more detailed information about the public liability insurance?
Yes, the CAMS insurance handbook is available here and outlines the key information about all of CAMS’ insurance offerings.

Who are considered as ‘other entities’ in the table above?
In this instance, other entities are the bigger ‘for profit’ companies who operate under a CAMS permit or Category Management Agreement. If you are unsure what excess costs apply to you, we can provide you that information as requested.


Published: 15 June, 2018