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Noosa Beach Classic Car Club's Come and Try

CDFNoosa 12

The Noosa Beach Car Club recently held a Come and Try Day Motorkhana at the Roadcraft Driver Education Centre, proudly supported by the CAMS Club Development Fund. 

In total there were 19 participants including juniors and females, along with committee members, instructors and the club president there on the day. 

A friendly and fun atmosphere allowed participants to learn more about grassroots motor sport in Queensland, promoting junior and female participation in the sport. 

President and instructor, Max Parnell, says the club was very thankful that CAMS is supporting grassroots motor sport and adding the day was a strong success.

"The day was very well received, we got lots of positive feedback and the juniors went from strength to strength," Parnell said. 

"We're looking forward to doing it all again, but hoping to get a few more people next time. 

"It's good training for our officials and in particular our scrutineers and event administrator. 

"It's a really relaxed family friendly day, no stress on the car and a chance for our members to enjoy their car!"

As well as promoting junior drivers to learn new skills behind the wheel, parents were also able to participate and join their children for a fun day out. 

"This is something we can do together," Shelly Sorrell said of the event. 

"Today is the first time we've been able to get out of the local carpark, and off the Xbox. 

"I can see Sebastian [Shelley's son], watching the others and I think its helping ... it's hard to teach that.

"He wants to be involved in motor sport as a career and his goal is the do the Nooosa Hill Climb, and it's an absolutely safe and controlled environment, he's not going to hit something solid. 

"He can learn car control, drift and learn balance - it's a great confidence building experience!"

For more information on how your event can claim funding through the CAMS Club Development Fund, click here: /get-involved/clubs/clubdevelopmentfund