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Driver Education In Focus

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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has today opened an online petition to encourage governments to deliver a dedicated driver education program for secondary school students. 

Earlier this year, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph wrote about the need to introduce more driver training in schools.

The petition has the support of Andrew Fraser, the NSW Member for Coffs Harbour.

Initially, this petition is aimed at the New South Wales state government, with a view to expanding any program nationally based on its success in NSW.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos said there was a need for more driver education, with young people over represented in the road toll.

“There is a need for our future licence holders to learn more about driving before they are handed the keys to the family car,” Papadopoulos said. 

“We believe that educating young people in school will have a positive impact on these young minds when they eventually secure their licences and are left to drive on their own and with their friends.

“Providing them with information about defensive driving, the importance of not being distracted by phones or their mates, and many more other insightful lessons which will help shape their future driving habits.

“I’d encourage everyone to sign the petition below to show the NSW government that we are serious about the need for increased driver education for the next generation of drivers on our roads.”

Add your signature to the petition today below:

Published: 8 March, 2018