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Qualifying Open For Second Virtual Showdown

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After the successful first CAMS-sanctioned Motum Simulation VSR Showdown in Sydney last month, the second round of the competition will next take place in Melbourne this October.

The top 18 online qualifiers will be eligible for the event, which will be held at PAX Australia in Melbourne on Saturday 27 October.

A grand prize of a test day aboard a CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship car will be again on offer for the round’s outright winner.

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Online Qualifying has commenced and will run until October 14. Each day will see two 9 Hour Hosted Sessions, with qualifying open between the hours of 7am to 1am AEDT. More information on the qualifying format is available here.

Once again using the popular iRacing platform, qualifiers will run aboard a Ferrari 488 GT3 Challenge car at the Imola Grand Prix circuit.

The unique nature of Esports allows for a variety of tracks and cars to be used for events, with the previous round in Sydney seeing finalists compete at the now decommissioned Oran Park Raceway – which has continued to live on in the virtual world.

Dylan Shepherd was the winner of the first round in Sydney, and won the grand prize of a test day aboard a CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship car.

More information on how to register, qualifying, and take part is available at

Day One Qualifying Times – Top 18
1. Dayne Warren: 1:42.272
2. Alexander Bird: 1:42.445
3. Craig Edwards: 1:42.453
4. Ross Rizzo: 1:42.465
5. Daniel Benefield: 1:42.502
6. Scott Larnach: 1:42.632
7. Luca Giacomin: 1:42.639
8. Blake Neck: 1:42.650
9. Jack G Boyd: 1:42.752
10. David J Lord: 1:42.779
11. Adam Briggs: 1:42.801
12. Mitchell McLeod: 1:42.829
13. Ryan Jerric: 1:42.841
14. Thomas McMillan: 1:42.874
15. Ethan B Warren: 1:42.901
16. Chris Aoun: 1:42.996
17. Clint Shane Smith: 1:43.019
18. Hayden Dodman: 1:43.019


Published: 10 October, 2018