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F4_300x 250The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) is about to close registrations for the new single seater CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship to begin in 2015.

Along with the FIA, CAMS has chosen Formula 4 as the future pathway for open wheel racing, bridging the gap between karting and Formula 3, Formula1.

Registrations opened on 24 September 2014 and close 28 November, 2014.


In order to enter the championship a competitor will need to purchase a season Licence Agreement from CAMS.

Licence Agreement

The Licence fee for the 2015 season will be A $40,000 plus GST.

This fee will be payable in 3 parts:

• A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 plus GST

• A $10,000 plus GST further deposit (of which 50% would be refundable if the competitor decides not to proceed) by 1 February 2015

• The balance of $25,000 plus GST one week prior to delivery of the car (expected to be mid-March 2015).

This fee covers the following:

• Rental of the car and engine for the entire season from the date of delivery until 18 December when the car and engine must be returned to CAMS in good working order. The engine must also be returned in a condition consistent with acceptable wear and tear.  

• Television coverage as part of the V8 Supercars package of programs including live coverage and additional features on other TV magazine shows.

• Other media activities and proactive promotion of the championship to the general public.

• A dedicated Formula 4 Media Manager.

• Facilities at each round of the championship 


Championship Registration Fee

A registration fee of $5,000 plus GST will be payable for each car, by 15 April 2015.

The fee covers the following:

• Provision of a dedicated Race Director

• Provision of a Formula 4 Technical Delegate (See *Note below)

• Provision of a Formula 4 Data Technician

• Championship organisation and administration

• Access to official supplier personnel and spares (including Mygale) at each event and testing. (Mygale will bring all spare parts to each race thus avoiding the competitor having to transport these).

• Attendance of the tyre supplier at each event

• Insurance of the Formula 4 off track (during transport or storage)

*Note: A Technical Delegate will be appointed to ensure that every component of every car complies strictly with the control regulations and that no unauthorised modifications exist. The Delegate will have the power for example to interchange components (such as an ECU) up until the time a car enters the race track.


What the competitor must pay for

• Tyres which can be purchased at the event from the official supplier

• Race entry fee of $2500 plus GST per round

• Transport to and from each event for car, tools and personnel (however as above, a subsidy will apply for the first round)

• Accommodation at each event

• Fuel from the official supplier who will provide control fuel for sale at each event

• Test day circuit fee of $1500 plus GST per test day

• Repairs to the car if damaged at a test, practice or race session


Complying with the FIA Formula 4 technical regulations, the championship car will use a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis - meeting FIA safety standards - and will be powered by an engine developing approximately 160bhp mated to a paddle shift gearbox, plus wings and slick tyres.

CAMS will soon announce further detail about the engine, oil and tyre suppliers for the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship.

Any enquires about the CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship can be emailed to [email protected]

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