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Reminder on use of Snell SA2005 helmets

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With the 2019 racing season approaching competitors are encouraged to check their helmet to ensure that it meets the current requirements for Level A Circuit Racing, Off-Road or Rally competition. 

As previously advised, from the 31st of December 2018, Snell SA2005 helmets will no longer be certified for Club, Multi-Club, National or International Race and Off-Road events. This update also applies for Multi-Club, State, National and International Rally events. 

Competitors wishing to compete in the above competitions - including all International Events - will need to ensure that their helmet complies with CAMS General Requirements – Schedule D Article 2.1.

Competitors who choose to compete in Level B events using a Snell SA2005 helmet with a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR), may only do so if fitted with compliant FHR tether anchors – FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010.


Published: 9 January, 2019