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SA election to fill Board vacancy


Following the resignation of Board member Michael Clements, CAMS will now begin the process to elect a replacement, with nominations now open.

Clements was the elected director for South Australia and Northern Territory, meaning his replacement will be elected by CAMS members in those states.

Click here to download a nomination form.

CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said the replacement process had now begun, with the CAMS Administration keen to work with the State Council to help identify appropriate candidates who are willing to help shape the future of motor sport in Australia.

“Being the director of a public company that happens to manage one of the most challenging and exciting sports in the world comes with significant responsibilities,” Arocca said.

“Being a board member may mean having difficult discussions and making tough calls, but it can also be richly rewarding by making decisions to ensure a sustainable and successful platform for motor sport to thrive in Australia. 

“The CAMS Board is committed to promoting diversity and encourages our female members to consider nominating as candidates to further represent the diversity that exists within motor sport. A good understanding of the legal duties and responsibilities of directors along with skills that would complement those of existing directors would be an advantage." 

A nomination form is available here and must be received by 10 July, 2018.


Published: 20 June, 2018