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Statement from CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca RE: Robby Gordon


CAMS can today confirm it has received a written apology from Robby Gordon following an incident in Darwin earlier this year.

Gordon has also donated $10,000 to the Australian Road Safety Foundation. 

The apology and donation were received following a recent CAMS Disciplinary Tribunal hearing where Gordon was found to have breached CAMS National Competition Rules. 

As a result of the Tribunal hearing, Gordon has submitted a written apology and made a donation to the Australian Road Safety Foundation. Gordon is now welcome to compete in motor sport in Australia.

In his apology, Gordon said “it was not my intention to engage in any actions that were inconsistent with, or prejudicial to the interests of motor sports in Australia”.

He added he was a “big fan of Australian motor sports” and wished to “support and see Australian motor sport grow”.


Published: 12 October, 2017