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In July, 2016 the Board of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd. (“CAMS”) RESOLVED as follows:

  • As part of the ongoing obligation of the Board to maintain good governance, the Board will conduct a review of the CAMS Constitution;
  • Interested parties are invited to make submissions to the CAMS Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) by a date to be determined by the CEO;
  • Upon receipt of the submissions, the CEO is to provide a report with recommendations to the Board.

Interested parties were invited to make submissions by no later than the 30 November, 2016, however, this was extended to 31 March, 2017 at the request of the Victorian State Council. A submission was ultimately received by the CAMS CEO in mid-April, 2017.

The delay in the receipt of the only submission received by the CAMS Executive has pushed back the timetable for completing the review. As a result the amended timetable is as follows:

  1. May/June 2017 – Compilation of submissions together with any Executive proposals for consideration by the Board;
  2. August, 2017 – Management to draft suggested amendments (if any) for initial perusal by the Board and then broader circulation to interested parties including State Councils;
  3. September/October, 2017 – comments received on proposed amendments to be submitted to CEO;
  4. November, 2017 – The Board meets to decide each proposed amendment;
  5. November, 2017 – February, 2018 - State Councils vote on any proposed amendments that require their approval under clause 7(b) of the Constitution;
  6. March/April, 2018 – Amendments implemented.

Eugene Arocca
Chief Executive Officer
18 May, 2017