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WAMS Officials Exchange: Susie Brooks


CAMS Gold official Susie Brooks has only positive things to say about her time at the 2017 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix as part of WAMS Officials Exchange Program.

Brooks was the 2017 exchange program recipient, a WAMS initiative that sends a qualified motor sport official overseas to gain vital experience. 

Having been involved in motor sport since 1987 at both a national and international level, Brooks has undertaken various roles trackside including flag marshal, trackside communicator, grid marshal, pitlane marshal and chief of communications to name a few. 

WAMS caught up with Brooks to learn about her experience in Singapore.


What were your first thoughts being chosen as the 2017 Exchange recipient? 

I went into the weekend incredibly humbled and very excited [I was] looking forward to an amazing privilege and experience. 

I wanted to embrace the opportunity by presenting a positive role model of Australian officials. On return, I wanted to come home and share with and encourage other ladies in their motor sport journeys. 


What did you take away from the experience?

I was able to experience a collection of roles from the perspective of an international event outside of Australia and through the eyes of the Singaporean officials. 

While very similar to Australia, it was also different due to local factors, climate and culture requiring a different approach in some situations. I gained a deeper understanding of the variations and learned from all I was privileged to work with. 

I can now bring the enrichment of these experiences home to share with officials in Australia. 


What has the opportunity meant to you as a CAMS official?

This opportunity has given me the chance to have an amazing and unforgettable experience at a highly respected event. 

I will be bringing this experience home to share with those officials who deserve the same opportunity and encourage them to 'go for it!'

It also feels like an unofficial reward for 30 years of commitment and dedication to motor sport. 

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Published: 12 November, 2017